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Linda Baker is a certified K-8 teacher and certified K-12 school counselor. For 33 years, she worked at Conte West Hills Magnet school in New Haven, Connecticut, for grades pre-k through 8th as both a teacher and school counselor. Linda completed four years of facilitator training with The New England Institute of Systemic Constellations and additional training with The ECL Foundation.  For the past three years, she has been a catalyst for ECL (Emotional Well-being Creativity and Learning Foundation) by bringing the systemic lens and ECL practices to her school which has recently been honored as a Connecticut School of Distinction.  Linda has expanded her practice to include other schools and organizations through Supporting Systems.



Condensed Resume 



Southern Connecticut State University - New Haven, CT - Masters in Counseling

Boston University - Boston, MA - Bachelors in Science - Education

Professional Experience

Supporting Systems New Haven, CT - 2014 to present

Founder/ Catalyst

Conte West Hills Magnet School New Haven, CT - 1984 to 2017

Student Support Facilitator, 2014 to 2017 

School Counselor, 1996 to 2017

Teacher, 1984 to 1996 

Abiyoyo Daycare Parent Cooperative New Haven, CT - 1981 to 1984 

Preschool Coordinator


Professional Training 

The New England Center for Systemic Constellations

The New England Center for Systemic Constellations, founded by J. Edward Lynch and Bill Mannie, is based in Branford, Connecticut. With an emphasis on skill-building, in-depth work with Orders of Love and the "knowing field," the Center believes in thoughtful and caring attention to the trainees in order to teach them how to do constellations with a wide population of the public to promote well-being (from New England Systemic Institute of Constellation website).

Advance Facilitator Training in Trauma and Constellations, 2016 to 2017

Bertold Uslamer

Weekend Workshops, 2010 to 2017

Ed Lynch, Judith Hemming, Hunter Beaumount, Stephan Hausner & others

Advance Training Constellation Workshops, 2015 to 2017

Ed Lynch

Facilitator Training in Systemic Family Constellation, 2012 to 2016

Ed Lynch, Bill Mannie, Don Paglia, Eve Marie Elkin

North American Constellation Intensive, 2014


Emotional Well Being Creative and Learning Foundation

The ECL Foundation works hand in hand with schools and communities to enable teachers, school leaders and parents to create learning environments in which children and young people can flourish. Our research and practice shows that great education pays attention to three aspects: emotional well-being, creativity and learning. Working in this way, we touch not just the children but the whole community: "there is tangible evidence that through its systemic approach with and through parents and the community that the community itself is being transformed in a positive way" (from ECL Foundation website).

Consolation and Leadership Training, 2015 to 2017, remote

Janet Goldblatt, Fionnuala Herder-Wynne, and Rowenda Mould

Conte West Hills Professional Development Workshop, 2016, New Haven, CT

Bill Mannie and Jane James

2 Day Teacher and Facilitator Workshop, 2015, New Haven, CT

Janet Goldblatt

Week-long Trainer Intensive, 2014, London

Janet Goldblatt, Fionnuala Herner-Wynne, Marianne, Franke, and Terry Ingham


Circle of Security

Week-long Circle of Security Facilitator Training and Certification, 2017


The ECL Foundation

The ECL Foundation is an international charity whose purpose is to help adults create learning environments in which children and young people can flourish. The ECL foundation is a worldwide community of system innovators with electrifyingly useful "next practices." Their work takes us into vulnerable environments where children, young people and their families face multiple challenges, including inter-generational poverty, violence and addiction. Equally, ECL works with visionary organizations that look to young people as the next generation of leaders, culture-makers and creators of the future.

The Foundation's work is based on two principles: whole-child and whole-system. These principles represent an understanding that education is about so much more than the cognitive and that a children are part of a wider system which includes their family, community, and culture. The U.K.'s Department for Education (IQ report) has called the approach "a new paradigm in education." The Foundation stimulates and supports research on the relationship between emotional well-being, creativity and the ability of children to learn, and they share their findings freely. This is what the ECL Foundation is about: stimulating fresh thinking and practices that enable children, young people and communities to flourish and building a community of educators that share, inquire and innovate together – for the benefit of children and young people.

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