The ECL Foundation

The Emotional Well-being, Creativity, and Learning (ECL) Foundation is an international charity whose purpose is to help adults create learning environments in which children and young people can flourish. The ECL foundation is a worldwide community of system innovators with electrifyingly useful "next practices." Their work takes us into vulnerable environments where children, young people and their families face multiple challenges, including inter-generational poverty, violence and addiction. The Foundation works with visionary organizations that look to young people as the next generation of leaders, culture-makers and creators of the future.

The Foundation's work is based on two principles: whole-child and whole-system. The ECL Foundation understands that education is about so much more than the cognitive and that children are part of a wider system which includes family, community, and culture. The U.K.'s Department for Education has called the approach "a new paradigm in education" (IQ Report). The Foundation stimulates and supports research on the relationship between emotional well-being, creativity and the ability of children to learn and they share their findings freely. This is what the ECL Foundation is about: stimulating fresh thinking and practice that enables children, young people and communities to flourish and building a community of educators that share, inquire and innovate together for the benefit of children and young people.

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